Character Creations HD

Let your imagination go wild and download Character Creations HD, using a simple drag and drop interface you can create over 1 million different characters combinations. You can also import images from your photo library and add eyes, ears, noses and loads more to transform the image.

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Winning Post

Winning Post iconWinning Post is a FREE game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or above). Check the odds and pick a winner, but watch the clock as you only have until the countdown reaches zero to choose! Each bet is 1 coin (you can increase this) and you can bet on all 5 runners in a race but check the odds first as you could end up at a loss.

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Ball Barrage Remixed

Ball Barrage Remixed is a fun 1 or 2 player game where you choose either plunger, flippers or hose pipes to get the puck into your opponents goal.

You can mix and match, so you can have plungers versus flippers, flippers versus hoses etc… etc…

For more information, and screen shots click here.

Guess the Element

Guess the Chemical Element iconGuess the Chemical Element is a educational game for children who are currently learning or want to learn the periodic chemical elements. There are 118 elements to learn and each element has 3 clues to help you. You can also reveal some letters if you’re really stuck but this will cost you some coins.

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Xbox One Voice Commands

Xbox One Voice Commands iconXbox One voice commands speaks all Xbox One voice commands that the Kinect can understand. Each command is on a separate button and there are also 12 extra buttons to record your own commands (or get someone to record them for you). You can also chain commands together using the macro facility and assign them to one of 12 macro buttons.

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